American Medical Centers is international health services provider in Georgia. AMC owns and manages ambulatory and outpatient care facilities in Georgia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. AMC is dedicated to providing the highest standards of healthcare available using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols from the United States and European Union“.

Except Tbilisi, American Medical Centers Georgia has its new location in Batumi. AMC Batumi is the fifth clinic in the region, is a 24-7 concierge driven clinic facility, offering family practice, pediatrics, gynecology, and emergency or
acute care to the entire community. The clinic offers over a dozen specialists that are available in-clinic or by house-call. Additionally, AMC is able to work with most international (and increasingly national) insurance groups on a direct billing basis, making the visit to the doctor hopefully a bit easier for the patient.


Tel: +995 32 250 00 20


Address: 114 Gorgiladze Street.
24/7 Hotline: +995 32 250 00 77

Reproductive Medicine Center  “Universe”

Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” (Former “Embriotox”) was established in 2007. However, in such a short period of time the Center has achieved significant results. It might be said that the Center is a unique medical institution, which provides all types of continuous medical services in the field of reproductive health: preparation for pregnancy, monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth.

The mission of the Center is prevention, early and precise diagnosis and adequate treatment of all types of reproductive disorders that ensure achievement of ultimate goal – birth of a healthy child. Comfortable environment, latest world-class equipment, advanced testing and treatment methods (including IVF), friendly, experienced, authoritative and highly qualified staff of the Center determine high quality of medical services and patient satisfaction and trust.

Practical, as well as scientific priority of the Center is infertility, especially immunological. Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” has exclusive experience of working in this direction. Results of scientific researches performed at the Center in this field is of great interest not only in Georgia but abroad as well.



TEL: (+995 32) 253 23 11 TEL: (+995 32) 253 23 12