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The company IDS Borjomi Georgia is a part of the international company IDS Borjomi International. IDS Borjomi International is the largest producer of natural mineral waters in the entire post-Soviet region, from the Baltic to Central Asia.

IDS Borjomi Georgia is an absolute leader in the Georgian mineral water market in terms of production, variety of mineral water brands and technological innovations. The company‘s production is presented by five brands: Borjomi, Likani, Mitarbi, Borjomi springs and Bakuriani. The world-acclaimed Borjomi mineral water is the leading brand in the portfolio and is exported to thirty countries worldwide.

The company‘s operation is based on three key principles:

  • Diversification of markets
  • Conducting active marketing campaigns
  • Introducing new brands to the market

There are approximately 800 employees in the company.


Address: N 80 David Agmashenebeli Av., Tbilisi, 0102 Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 2 484484
Fax: +995 32 223 668




Wine producing company ―Winery Khareba‖ is based on ancient traditions, it works towards preservation of unique wine culture and produces wine by using ancient methods along with newest technologies.

―Winery Khareba‖ has European varieties as follows: Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Muscat, Pino and Merlo. Company also supports cultivation of varieties such as: Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, Aladasturi, Usakhelauri, Khikhvi and Qisi.

Main aim pf the company is to produce wine from its own wine yards using traditional Georgian and European methods. Apart from Cultivation of existing varieties, another aim of Winery Khareba is to process ancient Georgian grape varieties.

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Address: 6 Km.  D. Aghmashenebeli Alley, 0131 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 2 49 77 70


JSC Chateau Mukhrani 


Château Mukhrani – is the first Georgian Château, which combines four main components: a vineyard, the wine cellar, the castle and the history. Its name is connected with the name of the representative of the royal Bagrationi dynasty, Ivane Mukhranbatoni, who in the 70s of the 19th century during his trip to France has studied the concept of the Château and began its introduction in his domain. The date indicated in the name of the restaurant, 1878, is related to the bottling of the first bottle of Mukhranian wine by Ivane Mukhranbatoni. The castle of Ivane Mukhranbatoni is widely known for its fabulous beauty, but only in 2002 it has regained its former appearance.

The objective of Chateau Mukhrani is to create outstanding Georgian wine with a strong individual character, underlining our Georgian origin and unique varieties. For this we work with our Kartli terroir, unique Georgian varieties and combine traditional and modern winemaking techniques to elaborate wines of highest quality ambition.

Chateau Mukhrani offers estate tours, wine degustation, master classes and planning/organization of various kinds of events: celebrations, weddings, conferences, workshops, etc. If you are searching for extraordinary place for your event, Chateau  Mukhrani is the place to be.

Address: Mukhrani, Mtskheta Region, 3309, Georgia
Tour Reservation
Tel.: +995 32 2 49 77 70
Wine Studio
Tel: +995 322 14 91 51

JSC “Sarajishvili” 


Producer of Wine Brandy and Fine Spirits, since 1884. Main Products: Wine brandy; Hard Drink and Vodka
The first Georgian wine brand was created thanks to tireless efforts and tremendous desire of David Sarajishvili. He was the one to establish the first classical brandy making technology in Georgia and to produce the cognac. Sarajishvili has not only introduced the European wine making technologies in Georgia, but also conducted a study of the Georgian climate and soil for choosing right Georgian grape species and creating the best micro-zones for making vineyards. Established in 1884, the company produced its first product in 1887.

During the communist period, the brandy factory became the government property and was named as ―Tbilisi Brandy Factory.‖ Having returned its name ―Sarajishvili,‖ the company became the private property again in 1994. Due to the wide experience and professionalism, various alcohol reserves and the modern technologies ―Sarajishvili House‖ remarkably continues David Sarajishvili‘s activity, to which he has devoted the entire life. Production of ―Sarajishvili House‖ has been awarded with more than 250 prizes at international exhibitions, including 6 super grand prizes, 35 grand prizes, 1 double gold, 1 big gold and 155 gold medals. Thanks to these awards ―Sarajishvili House‖ has been recognized not only at the local, but also at the international market. Nowadays, Sarajishvili brandy is exported approximately in twenty countries of four continents.

Endless creative searching, professionalism, devotion to the business and pursuit of progress are the main characteristics of one of the best Georgian wine brandy producers – ―Sarajishvili House ―.

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Address: 4 Sarajishvili Avenue, 0153 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 2 55 44 44


JSC “Lomisi 


JSC Lomisi was founded in 1991 and the construction of a small brewery began in v. Akhalgori, on Ksani riverside. In a very short time period plant produces its first product.
Brewery Natakhtari Later in September 2005, JSC Lomisi attracted unprecedented investments of TBC bank and EBRD and a new brewery Natakhtari was built. A factory equipped with state-of-art technologies. Location of the brewery was not chosen accidentally. It was caused by ecologically clean surrounding, close distance from the capital and what is the most important by the unique spring water of Natakhtari. Very soon brewery acquired name of leader company.

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Address: Village Natakhtari, Mtskheta Region, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 2 18 07 97; +995 322 18 07 88;

Department of Marketing&Sales
Address: Tsereteli Av. 87, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 2 35 59 05; +995 32 2 35 42 55




On the outskirts of picturesque village Saguramo, right at the foot of sacred mount Zedazeni, where the miraculously beneficial waters dwell, Brewery Zedazeni is determined to produce beer that Georgia will be proud of !

Except the beer, company produces Georgian lemonade, Cola, Ice Tea, Energy Drink and Natural Juices. Brewery

―Zedazeni‖ is equipped with most up-to-date equipment from the best European producers. Filling lines (glass bottles, PET, aluminum cans, Kegs) and carbonated soft drinks mixing plant come from Germany‘s top of the list producer – KHS. No second hand equipment, no Chinese analogues – only the first class European machinery. Everywhere along the production cycle the products and raw materials come in contact only with the highest quality stainless steel. Electronic measuring & controlling equipment safeguard the processes from human mistake. You can hardly find the production facilities this perfect even in Western Europe. The production process is subject to permanent and strict quality control.

Zedazeni strives for perfection and its ambition is to become №1 beer and beverages producer in the Caucasus region. The team create products which goes through constant severe quality control and gives them the right to be first in beer and soft drinks industry.

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Address: Saguramo, Mtskheta Region , 3311, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 2 43 77 70
Fax: +995 322 15 77 70


Aqua Geo


Aqua Geo was founded in 2009. The Company leaders set a goal to popularize the unique Georgian water both in Georgia and abroad and in general, to make Georgia known all over the world.

The company produces natural mineral water SNO and Sparkling mineral water KOBI. Production of Kobi has started in 2018. The springs of KOBI are situated at 2000, above the sea level at village Kobi, in Kazbegi Region

The compliance of the product with any user‘s requirements is of utmost importance and certainly, it means that technological processes need to be regularly updated and improved.

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Address: Misaktsieli, 3308, Mtskheta Region, Georgia
Tel.: +995 32 2 47 04 10
Fax: +995 322 47 04 11




LLC Georgian Industrial Asset Management Group was established in August 2011. The company‘s main scope of activities is in concentrated fruit juice production. The main emphasis is on mandarin citrus. The production plant is situated in the town of Kobuleti. The company also owns the warehouses and the land located on the factory teritory.Until now, the company has received 12,185,158 tons of raw materials (mandarin), produced 907,452 ton of mandarin JC and 1,505,689 ton of mandarin puree. The company has also produced juice concentrate and purees of plum. Our company also exports freshly packed fruits. The company‘s staff represent a highly qualified, effective and experienced team. The total number of employees is 60 persons. It should be noted that the proximity of our facilities to the sea port, railway stations and transit roads contributes to the timely and effective delivery of products.

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Address: 174 Rustaveli Str., Kobuleti, 6100, Georgia
Tel.: +995 577 55 88 32




Ino-Lab LLC is a daughter company of  TS Holding and produces more than 35 certified, innovative, high-tech products under the brand name “Elixir” for human, animal, poultry, plant, hygiene, sanitation and disinfection.
Elixir has eco-friendly products, which are harmless to humans, animals, plants and the environment.
Elixir Effectively combats and instantly destroys harmful microorganisms due to their high importance of oxidative-restorative potential.
Elixir products for agro-sector are auxiliary to the healthy and productive development of animals and plants, while “Elixir” disinfectants are ideal for sanitary-hygienic purposes in industry and in daily life.
Elixir’s product has been awarded an InfoXgen certification, one of the most important licenses for bioproducts in EuropeIn the field.
Inno-Lab, a company of high-tech European standards, already has ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management and ISO 22000: 2005 Certificates of compliance with the requirements of the Food Safety Systems, which implies that Georgia produces the best quality and quality bio-product Elixir to European standards.
Fully compliant with requirements.
We have news in production for people’s consumption. We’ve produced Elixir for a healthier, bioenergetic beverage with the effect of mobilizing our inner human resources, it drives energy flow. It helps to heal the body. Strengthens the immune system. Kills the harmful microorganisms in the stomach. Regulates the pH balance in the body.

Address: Mari Brose Str. #2, Tbilisi, Georgia  
Tel: (+995 32) 2 033 233  


Kapisoti Winery


Kapistoni Winery a family-owned business. Its winemaking tradition is inherited for seven generations of winemakers. The winery produces very rare and unique Qvevri natural premium wines made from indigenous grape sorts native to central Georgia, Kartli. Kapistoni Winery exports it’s wine in nine different countries: USA, UK, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Hong Kong. Kapistoni’s portfolio includes ten different types of wine:

White Natural Qvevri Wines

Rkatsiteli (Manavi Region, Kakheti)

Chinebuli (Gori Region, Kartli)

Goruli Mtsvane (Gori Region, Kartli)

Mukhamtsvane (Gori Region, Kartli)

Kundza (Gori Region, Kartli)


Red Natural Qvevri WinesBudeshuri Saperavi (Gori Region, Kartli)

Shavkapito (Gori Region, Kartli)

Tavkveri (Gori Region, Kartli)

Asuretuli Shavi (Gori Region, Kartli)

Danakharuli (Gori Region, Kartli)

Tel:(+995) 595 99 8585