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ProCredit Bank has undertaken another innovative green project. A 500 m² solar panel array has been installed on the roof of its head office building in the centre of Tbilisi at 21 Alexander Kazbegi Avenue, and is already generating electricity. This green investment should result in 130,000 kWh of clean energy being generated annually, which means that 12% of the bank’s total electrical power consumption will be produced with alternative energy.

The bank’s contribution to environmental protection, in particular from the solar power plant project, will be made clearly visible. Data on solar energy generation, reduced emissions and other saved resources will be collated in real-time and displayed on a special-purpose screen on the on the side of the building of the building, thus making the information available to everyone.

It is well-known that eco-orientation plays a strategic role in ProCredit Bank’s activities; this is expressed not just in its everyday banking operations but also in its wide range of environmentally friendly customer services and credit facilities with good conditions as well as the solar power plant that is now going on stream. “We try our best to promote environmentally friendly initiatives by introducing them into our activities. Our demand for energy is growing day after day. Therefore, we decided to make a significant and sustainable investment in this new solar power plant. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy is inexhaustible and more environmentally friendly. Alternative energy is the country’s future and ProCredit Bank can boast yet another successful example of investing in this future”, said Alex Matua, General Director of ProCredit Bank.


EY People Advisory Services (PAS) team has been carrying out a compensation and benefits survey on the Georgian market for 12 years.
We are glad to announce the commencement of the Round 2020 of the Compensation Survey.

The findings of our express survey showed that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the labor market and has given rise to significant changes in terms of the number of employees and their compensation.

This demonstrates the importance of compensation surveys as such reports allow companies to plan the compensation budget in line with the trends existing in the labor market.



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Pharmaceutical company Neopharm was established in 1997. The goal was to provide healthcare system with Safe, Qualitative, Effective and Affordable medicines. During years of hard work as a result company’s portfolio is presented by manufacturing line with over 200 brand name of medical products, among which are medicines, supplements, cosmetic products, natural juices and biological active compounds; Pharmaceutical retail chain with over 50 pharmacies around Georgia and distributional company, which supplies over 300 pharmacies in whole country.

  We believe, that there is more to be done in the better healthcare system and we continue to work for achievement of new targets.