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imgAmerican Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (AmCham) is the largest international business chamber in Georgia with up to 200 company members. Founded in 1998, AmCham’s primary objective is to promote US – Georgia ties and the improvement of the business environment in Georgia. We do this by working with the government to help shape improvements in the business regulations, facilitating connections between Georgian and international investors and by supporting business and government links.

36a Lado Asatiani St., 0105, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (995 32) 2226907

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Polish – Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Polish-Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established out of Poles’ passion for Georgia and operates to facilitate mutual economic and cultural relations between Poland and Georgia. The Chamber belongs to the leading business organisations in Poland. It represents and protects the interest of a great number of entrepreneurs, bringing together business organisations of various sectors. Expert knowledge and experience of the team, combined with a professional and individual approach to business partners, make our activity in projects on the cultural and economic cooperation of Poland and Georgia optimal and effective.

The chamber closely cooperates with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tbilisi and the Embassy of Georgia in Warsaw. The portfolio of our partners includes institutions supporting business, government agencies and NGOs.

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affiliatedGeorgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI)

Since 1960 The Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is committed to support and develop business in Georgia. For this reason during all of those years numerous projects and activities were planed and conducted by our team. GCCI always tried to support and protect those business entities which were doing their business in Georgia. GCCI tries to intensify collaboration with its partners in order to facilitate business communication between Georgian and foreign companies and tries to help them to overcome the obstacles in front of them. GCCI team prefers open dialogue with its partners and tries to bring ongoing issues to appropriate stakeholders in order to mitigate them in future.

29 Berdznis str. 0112, Tbilisi, Georgia
Hotline (995) 32 2 694747

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14249107_2087738918117099_1420133563_nEUROPE FOUNDATION 

Europe Foundation’s (EPF) mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives. EPF engages citizens in social, economic, and political developments, in order to effect substantive and sustainable positive socio-economic change at the local, regional, and national level through both operational programs and grantmaking. EPF was established as a local organization in 2008. EPF’s work, both grantmaking and program implementation, is guided by these program mandates and approaches: 

Citizen monitoring, corporate and community philanthropy, evidence-based advocacy and policy making, cross-border/ cross-community cooperation, cross-cutting gender policy, youth integration, public-private partnership, open door grant making.

Address: 3 Kavsadze Street, 2nd Floor
Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
Tel: (995 32) 225 39 42
Fax: (995 32) 225 39 43 ext. 112


British Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC)

BGCC was founded by Lord Godfrey Cromwell and Ms. Mako Abashdze in March 2007. It is a non-political trade body to facilitate business growth and contacts at all levels between Uk and Georgia

BGCC works closely with governments, businesses and individuals from both countries to gather relevant information efficiently and accurately by establishing and maintaining necessary contacts.

The main objectives of BGCC is to advise companies in the UK and Georgia on the business and financial markets each respective country, in order to establish contacts and facilitate business between each country. It hopes to achieve these goal through gathering relevant information efficiently and accurately, and by establishing and nurturing contacts.



Slovak – Georgian Chamber of Commerce (SGCC)


The mission of the Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) is to provide support to the development of mutual relationships and trade exchange between the Slovak Republic and Georgia, as well as technical and economic cooperation between the institutions and entrepreneurs of both countries. SGCC aims to provide information and assistance for the chamber’s new members and other interested persons.

Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce develops cooperation with the Slovak and Georgian trade associations, agencies, businesses, craft associations. SGCC shall contribute to the development and implementation of common projects and plans. It also shall provide support as for the dissemination of economic information, cooperation and development of business opportunities among business entities in both countries.

Address: Tsotne Dadiani St. 7
Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (GNCC)

Georgian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) is a voluntary, corporate and autonomous private sector body, with perpetual succession that can acquire movable and immovable property rights. 
The objective of the Georgian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is to establish and develop economic, trade and business relations between Georgia and Norway. The GNCC shall represent the views of the companies or corporations with an interest in promoting business between the Georgian and Norway.

Pilestredet 15B, 0164 Oslo, Norway



Finland-Georgia Business Association


The purpose of the Finland-Georgia Business Association is to promote trade relations and investments, as well as, to contribute to the economic interactions between Finland and Georgia. Its members hold extensive knowledge of the operation and characteristics of the economic regions of Finland and Georgia.

Members of the association are companies, individuals and partner organizations. Through the networking from they are able to find a professional partner for the markets in both countries.

The Association equally welcomes both experienced businesses and start-up companies.